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1) Cash on delivery 
If you choose cash on delivery, you pay the amount for your order to the courier company employee we co-operate with, free of charge. This payment method applies only to purchases within Greece & Cyprus. 

2) Deposit / wire transfer to a bank account
You can pay your order by deposit / remittance to any bank branch or e-banking. In the reason of statement you should definitely mention your order number and your full name. Then please send proof of deposit to email
Bank transaction costs are borne by the originator (customer).
If the deposit is not made within 3 business days the order will be canceled.

No. Account: 0026.0093.62.0201018350
IBAN: GR4302600930000620201018350
Beneficiary: Maria Panteli

3) Credit / Debit Card 

4) Online payment through Paypal


The prices of our products include VAT.

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